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Casting Couples for Major US Network Series

Casting Couples for Major US Network Series

Dealing with the guilt of hiding an extramarital affair?

Sick of the pressures of hiding who you really are?

Or are you ready to finally tell that special someone something special?

We are currently casting for an exciting new TV series for a major US Network. The series will follow a meeting between two people, where someone has something to tell the other – most likely, a loved one. This could be a declaration of love, an unexpected revelation or a seemingly uncomfortable truth.A goal of this series is to promote the ideals of honesty while also presenting people with the opportunity to speak their truth to their loved ones. This could be an opportunity for a weight to be lifted off your shoulders and the possibility to start anew – with an open and honest dialogue.If you would like to hear more or are thinking about applying – please do get in touch. There is no commitment to take part beyond a friendly and respectful phone call with a member of the team.