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5 Reasons 100% Hotter is the TV Guilty Pleasure You Need to Binge Right Now

5 Reasons 100% Hotter is the TV Guilty Pleasure You Need to Binge Right Now

Miss Snog, Marry, Avoid? Here you go.

It's been just over three long years since we had BBC Three's Snog Marry Avoid on our screens. If you missed it at the time, it was a show that took a bunch of "intriguing-looking" folk from all walks of life, and told them to change what makes them unique and conform to the norms of society by scrubbing away their make-up and losing the dodgy eyelashes.
This show was begrudgingly addictive and ran for six series and 64 episodes. There's been a void left behind since it ended, but thankfully it's been filled by Channel 5's 100% Hotter.

As part of Channel 5's revamp of sister station 5Star, the first series of this brilliant guilty pleasure was somewhat hidden, but thankfully, its first celebrity edition has been upgraded to Channel 5 status, with its finale airing tonight (January 24) at 10pm. But all of the first series can be binged on My5 online. Not only that, but a second full series will return to 5Star next Wednesday at 8pm!
Just like SMA, the show features people with "quirky" looks being toned down, but this time it's via the help of three fashion gurus. In the first series this consisted of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model judge Grace Woodward, make-up expert Melissa Sophia and hairdresser Daniel K Palmer.

So, what makes this show so good?

1. Daniel K Palmer

After watching one episode of the show, the main reason you'll find yourself being drawn back for more is full-time lion-man Daniel K Palmer. His catty remarks and shocked expressions upon seeing whoever enters the room are hilarious. And that's despite the fact that he looks like an ACTUAL LION. But he's awesome, and deserves his own series.

2. Dodgy stats, purely so they can use the show's title in each episode

With each guest, the crew has sent out a picture of them "all over the country", though we're pretty sure the only people we see on camera are filmed on a few select roads around Soho.
With the kind of official numbers that would even be questioned by the guys in Storage Hunters, we're just told that the average rating out of 10 is [insert number, usually 2-4].
Then, once they've been given their makeover, we're shown a bunch of new VTs where conveniently all the results are positive. And then, again with nothing to back it up, we're told that the score has risen to an amazing [insert number, usually 8.5-10] out of 10. And then, cue the words: "Which makes you... 100% Hotter!"

It's funny that each and every person is exactly twice as hot. 100%. Not even 95%. Incredible.

3. Grace Woodward's weird hologram wall

Part of the makeover process is Grace Woodward's pointlessly complicated mirror thingy.

Like some kind of nightmare version of Minority Report, Grace swipes from right to left a series of potential outfits to wear, even though they weirdly appear blue-ish and they can never get a great guess of what they might look like in reality.
Sadly, this concept seems to have been dropped in the celebrity edition, as well as Grace herself. Karen Williams is now in her place, and she goes back to basics by... showing them the actual clothes.
Plus, another game for you to play is trying to guess whether Grace's glasses have lenses in them or not. After multiple viewings, we still can't conclusively tell.

4. Trying to figure out whether they've actually improved them or not

We're not in any way insinuating that these lot aren't good at their jobs, but we also wouldn't be surprised if the experts had to rush it all somewhat, as every episode sees them wearing the same clothes. Ergo, they might have filmed 10+ episodes in one day.

But even so, while some guests clearly look lovely after their makeovers, there are some that we can't quite work out whether they actually looked better before they walked in.
And that's half the fun when it comes to watching 100% Hotter.

5. Knowing full well that none of the guests will keep their new style

As much as we love John McCririck's new hipster look, we can't help but feel that he's unlikely to ditch his usual collection of dapper jackets and shiny bling.
Just like with SMA before it, the majority of folk that come through the doors fail to stick to their new styles, and if anything have instantly gone back to what they had before, and even more so.
But in a weird way, that's the beauty of shows like this. That you shouldn't have to change the way you are just because others say so. It's sort of an accidental positive message. We guess? Yeah?
But no, we love 100% Hotter really. It might not exactly be breaking boundaries or changing the TV landscape, but you're guaranteed a jolly fun time. 100%.

Celebrity 100% Hotter airs tonight (January 24) at 10pm on Channel 5. The first series of100% Hotter can be streamed in full on My5.

Source: Tom Eames