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Celebrity 100% Hotter Returns

Celebrity 100% Hotter Returns

Channel 5 has commissioned Celebrity 100% Hotter, a second spin-off series of Naked Entertainment’s “make-under” show 100% Hotter, for 5STAR.

The 4×60-minute series Celebrity 100% Hotterwill air in January 2018. Celebrities who are known for their disastrous sense of style will be visited by the show’s expert makeover squad, who will provide a radical overhaul. The public will rate the celebrities’ dress sense on a scale of one to ten.

The green light for the celebrity spin-off follows the third season commission for the 100% Hotter format, as well as an order for the brand-new 100% Hotter: Make Me Over spin-off series due to air on 5STAR this month.

Celebrity 100% Hotter was commissioned by Sebastian Cardwell for 5STAR, who co-manages the channel with Gemma Hewlett. Naked Entertainment’s CEO, Simon Andreae, serves as executive producer and Rachel Viner is series editor.

Andreae said, “We’re delighted to welcome a new set of celebs to the Hotspot, where we anticipate the make-unders will be more dramatic than ever. Expect tears of joy, gasps of delight, and if last season is anything to go by, probably a few tantrums as well.”

Source: Sara Alessi, Worldscreen