Strangers Making Babies

Strangers Making Babies

4 x 45 mins

Channel Four

In this new Channel 4 series, would-be parents are throwing themselves into a ground-breaking scheme, as they try to find someone to have children with without the complication of finding love first.

A baby-making revolution is under way – there are currently 70,000 people signed up to co-parenting sites, looking for platonic partners to have children with. However, these unregulated websites are often full of unvetted strangers. In response, a group of experts led by fertility expert Dr Marie Wren, Deputy Medical Director of The Lister Clinic, have created a comprehensive and unprecedented vetting and matching scheme to help single people find the perfect co-parent.

Across the series, a group of single women will each be matched with several men who all share their desire to have a baby. They will meet and spend time together to establish if there’s a connection – deciding against some but going deeper and deeper with others as they try to work out whether or not to have a baby.

But does redefining relationships go against human nature? And can a platonic arrangement actually lead to making babies?

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