Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms

Sarah Beeny's Four Rooms

30 x 60 mins

Channel 4

Britain’s most competitive dealers are all on standby to spend their personal fortunes in edge-of-seat deals, if the right item comes through their doors.

Members of the public come to the Four Rooms to sell their treasured collectables for the most profit possible. However, once a seller has turned down a dealer’s offer and left the room, there’s no going back.

Joining Sarah Beeny are returning top dealers Celia Sawyer, Alex Proud, Raj Bisram, Andrew Lamberty and David Sonnenthal, along with new dealer Pearl Lowe, successful fashion designer and vintage expert.

Rotating across the series, these dealers are on a mission to purchase stunning, iconic or unusual items, including art, antiques, memorabilia and taxidermy. But can the sellers use tactics, timing and tough negotiation to ensure they walk out with a windfall?

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